Australian Police Cars


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have photos of Car X?

Because I haven't seen one, and nobody has sent me any photos of it.

When will you have photos of Car X?

When I do see one, or somebody sends me some photos of it.

Would you like some photos of Car X?

Of course. No need to ask, just email them to me. Please read this before submitting photos.

My brother's mate bought a VL Turbo. Can you tell me whether or not it is an ex-police car?


How can I resize photos?

If you use Windows XP, download the Image Resizer PowerToy from After it ti installed, a new option called 'Resize picture' will appear when you right-click an image. Select 'Large (fits a 1024x768 screen)'. If you do not use Windows XP, there are several shareware and commercial programs which will allow you to quickly and easily resize photos.

What do the icons ([P]/[P]) on image thumbnails mean?

These icons (on some image thumbnails) indicate photos which are available at high resolution (2272x1704). These photos are suitable for printing at sizes up to A3 and would look great on the wall of your home or TMU office. High resolution photos are provided strictly for personal use, however commercial use can be negotiated. To obtain high resolution photos, email me with the file names of the photos you would like, and I will send the photos to you ASAP. Please note that the files will be around 2MB each and may take a long time to download over a slow connection.

How long did it take to create the new site?

I started drawing up the new design in Photoshop just after 5PM on December 4th, 2004. The first HTML draft was completed two days later, but was soon trashed when I discovered that it would only work in Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer. Further design work in Photoshop took another three weeks, and by Christmas eve I had managed to redo the HTML to make the site display in Internet Explorer. Most of Christmas Day was spent sleeping, with some time spent achieving a layout I actually liked, and on Boxing Day the design was finalised and the long process of converting the old site to the new format began. It was around this time that I started listening to a lot of Muse and Nine Inch Nails. At 1:18:57 AM on 27/12/2004, with just thirteen pages totalling 809 images left to convert, I declared the site complete enough to begin writing the FAQ. The layout and design was upgraded slightly on 8/1/05. A few more adjustments were made, and the forum was added, while waiting for a domain name and web hosting to appear out of nowhere. This occured in early February, and I spent all night listening to 'Agenda Suicide' by The Faint on February 6th making final preparations for the site's launch the next day.